Amazon Will Have Us Where They Want US

Amazon Will Have Us Where They Want US

What more could you ask for to lure the consumers over to Amazon’s side of the bed? Everybody will be rolling over to lay their heads on the comfort that the Amazon Fire Phone will be giving them through a 3D-screen, head sensors, dynamic perspective as you move around and identification (real-time) of 100 million objects, otherwise known as Firefly.

The Fire Phone was only launched a few days ago and already it’s making waves in the market. ‘Cheap at half the price’ as they used to say and a real competitor for Apple and Samsung to contend with. It’s currently being marketed for $200 (32GB) at AT&T (exclusively). Plus there’s a year’s free use of Amazon Prime. That’s something that Apple and Samsung didn’t think of offering their purchasers. Freebies always go down well especially when the price is lower than competitors. Trouble is: Apple and Samsung both thought they had the market sewn up and that they didn’t need to offer free goodies to the people.


Firefly is impressive. It’s software and hardware combined along with cloud data that will identify anything from books to games and a whole lot more, just by hitting the Firefly button and getting the information. Of course, the idea is that you get sent to Amazon and are able to purchase that item immediately if you wish (and probably get it delivered by drone direct to your back yard).

Point the Fire Phone at the TV show you are watching and it will recognize the music and the images for you. It can detect the episode you are watching or the series. It will then display a link to download the program you are watching or to watch it on streaming, or buy the DVD (if people still do that these days).

Point Firefly at a poster or a book and it will store on the cloud the details of phone numbers, addresses or other information you might need at a later date. It will keep a list of all songs you have asked it to identify or books that you wanted to know about.

So, where did your privacy go there? If it ever really existed! The identification of those millions of items isn’t going to be done on your phone; it’s being stocked up there above your head in the clouds that they own. Of course, it’s all free. Is that just to grab the share of the market? Or is it to gain access to precious information about who you are and what you are doing every day? The cloud at Amazon Firefly will also store the ambient noise as well as location data to build its databases. Unlimited storage, so you never need worry ever again. Thanks Amazon! Makes you wonder if we even need to ask why they are doing this all and just for us! So, you take photos of mountains and the countryside, then the chances are you like horse-riding or you go for healthy eating. Listen to a lot of music, then you might like the concerts that are going on in your area. Visit museums and stuff, then you are an intellectual. You need arty-farty stuff. Whatever it is, they will find what you didn’t even know you needed.

  • When you look at the screen of the Fire Phone, you have the impression that your icons are moving slightly as you do.
  • The phone is capturing the position of your head and the 3D-icons adapt as you move. The perspective changes as you do.
  • The phone will adjust 60 times per second according to Amazon so that you never even notice what’s happening.
  • Need to get somewhere?
  • Then, just log into the Fire Phone map and you can get 3D-directions to where you want to go.
  • Tilt the phone or move your head to the side and extra information will appear about what’s around or things you might be interested in.

But, along the way, security gets compromised by companies like Amazon.

Have we realized that we’re the traceable and trackable prey that they have made us? Or do we just not give a damn anymore?  Tt means everything to companies that need to know more and more about every one of us, and all that without our actually telling them. That’s part of the game. It’s finding out the ‘unfindable’ and putting it to good use, for the profit of the company. Amazon has us just where they want us!

Amazon saw a 4.4% higher than average increase in revenue growth over the past year. Its revenue rose year-on-year by 22.8% in total. Earnings per share are up by 27.8% for last quarter in comparison with the same time last year.

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