Our approach,
an Innovative Methodology

High utility & an optimal experience

The success of a mobile app does not lie in the number of downloads...

But in its capacity to federate a community of users by being of a strong utility and providing them with an optimal experience.

In a context in which “it is no longer the fittest player who devours the smallest but the fastest and most agile who overtakes the slowest”, we had to implement a peculiar methodology that increases the chances of success of the apps we develop.

We create products that are better thought through for the user

On the one hand, on the side of the user, we rely on an iterative methodology inspired from Lean and Agile to quickly validate the hypotheses that we make. On the other hand, our internal organisation is designed to increase our productivity by mobilising dedicated teams and choosing the best technologies.

The result is better thought products whose time of arrival on the market has been considerably reduced for the benefit of users.

Attention given to simplicity & detail

We think that before promoting and communicating about a mobile app, we must focus on creating a good product.
We know how to do that!

  • Comprehension of the problem to be solved
  • If you have an idea for an app, it implicitly means that you believe that you identified a problem which can be solved by mobile technology. Thanks to our expertise in product thinking, we are able to help you build a mobile project with a real value proposition.

  • Personae Identification
  • It is essential before embarking on a mobile project to first identify the personae, who are fictional representations of your “ideal” users. You can thus build a mobile app that fits them perfectly.

  • Design of key interfaces
  • Our UI/UX designers, in conjunction with our functional project managers, are in the know of the latest trends in terms of ergonomics in the field of mobile technology. They will accompany you in the conception of the interfaces of your project.

  • Hypotheses Formulation
  • If your project is innovative, we will certainly be led to make some assumptions from a technical, ergonomic and functional point of view. Thanks to our operation in Agile mode, we will quickly be able to refine your hypotheses after the collection of the first feedback of usage tests.

  • Development of a version
  • We set up a team made of an architect, a technical project manager, and mobile and back-end engineers to develop your mobile app

  • Measurement and Validation
  • This step validates or invalidates the hypotheses initially taken, thanks to the implementation of a couple of measurement tools. We then reiterate the last 3 steps in a 2 to 3 weeks Agile cycle to achieve the perfect mobile app.

    What’s next?

    Once the prototype is validated by the market, we enter into a phase of advanced technical design in order to conceive
    a stable but also scalable product.

  • Writing a backlog
  • A functional project manager helps you to choose the functionalities of your mobile app through the writing of functional and technical specifications

  • Launching a sprint
  • We launch the development phase of the features defined in the previous step in the shape of a sprint which lasts nearly 2 weeks

  • Submission to users
  • We submit your mobile app to a representative panel of users and we study their feedback (understanding of navigation, interest in features, stability of the app, etc.).

  • Recommendations
  • Following the analysis of this feedback, we send you a report of recommendations to improve the user experience of your app.

    We know your concerns: Growth, Stability, Agility
    Our DevOps teams come from the mobile world and master the outsourcing of your back-end but also front-end infrastructure. Once your app is in production, we offer support through the continuous outsourcing of server and customer infrastructures as well as the behaviour analysis of the users.