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Our job,
4 distinct and independent activities

Product Thinking
We model your idea and challenge it with a sample of your target population to rework it and bring out a real value proposition.
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We realise the technical, ergonomic and functional design of your mobile app in connection with you.
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We develop your mobile project with our team of iOS, Android and Back-End mobile engineers.
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Behaviour Analysis
We include analysis tools in your app to control its technical performance and its use performance, thus forming a cycle of continuous improvement of your product.
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A passionate, young and professional team

Our Fields of Expertise

Research and DevelopmentResearch and Development
Appstud's R&D policy has been rewarded by the Ministry of Research and Higher Education. Thanks to the certification Crédit Impôt Recherche, Appstud is able to support any project beyond the cutting edge by allowing the project bearer to save up to 30%.
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Appstud has developed strong expertise in the field of m-commerce (mobile e-commerce), developing a generic solution to create personalised e-commerce mobile apps in just a few days. Our objective? Allowing small businesses, SMBs and start-ups to ride the m-commerce age.
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Connected ObjectsConnected Objects
More and more mobile projects no longer work in a “stand-alone” fashion but are inscribed within more complex industrial projects in which mobile technology will come to interact with various objects (drones, industrial robots, etc.).
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Live streamingLive streaming
With the advent of 4G, video exchanges are becoming more and more common in mobile apps, as it is confirmed by many mobile technology giants (Facebook, YouTube, Skype or Hangout) who have embarked on this market. We have developed a real know-how in integrating live streaming functionalities into mobile apps.
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Machine LearningMachine Learning
Machine learning is a collection of methods that allow a machine to evolve (“learn”) through a systematic process. Within Appstud, we staunchly believe in the development of this process in the near future, which is why we integrated data science into our portfolio of skills. Our skills in Machine Learning have also allowed us to obtain the label Crédit Impôt Recherche.
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Virtual RealityVirtual Reality
Virtual reality has been much talked about in the last 2 years and the apps are numerous: from the creation of more immersive games, to the integration of this technology in live streaming as well as providing training to manual trades in complete safety. New mobile technologies should also promote its expansion over the next few years.
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Collaborative EconomyCollaborative Economy
The advent of Uber has shown that mobile apps can play the role of real platforms for connecting users and providers. Thanks to many projects it led in this field, Appstud has forged a real expertise in collaborative economy.
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We created a simulator to provide you with an idea about the cost of a mobile app ?