Behaviour Analysis

The constant improvement work starts as soon as the app is distributed to users...

The goal is to bring to the user the best experience to maximise product reuse.

We carry out a daily performance analysis considering 2 factors:
– Is the app technically effective? (Bugs analysis, potential slowdowns)
– Does it meet the user’s needs? (Does he manage to achieve what he is seeking to do in minimal time and interactions?) Does he use the app recursively?

Appstud has developed the TryMyApp platform, which enables us to detect key users.

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Behaviour Analysis - Case studyTOULOUSE – BLAGNAC Airport

  • Android
  • Application
  • Ios
  • Machine Learning
The Toulouse-Blagnac Airport app was designed to make the frequent traveller’s life easier, by providing a set of services in order to ensure a peaceful flight.
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