Product thinking

What does one think when we speak about user experience? A simple and nice product which easy-to-use features.

A passionate, young and professional team

We think “features”.

Yet, features are secondary in terms of using a product. What really matters, is the need to which the product meet for its user.

Therefore, the product thinking suggests to upturn the table and to design features that solve users’ problems. This process avoids the well-known pitfall of the creation of a new outstanding product… that nobody needs.

As we worked continuously on innovative projects, we acquired significant expertise in problems identification and solutions suggestion for the mobile apps.

Many of our apps were ranked in Apple and Google favourite apps :

  • Clicher (Top 10 – Best AppStore applications – April 2017)
  • Toulouse Blagnac Airport (Best 2016 French airport application)
  • Carrefour Livraison Express (Best French express delivery app in 2017)

Our ambition is to allow to our customers to mitigate errors risk through designing a product that meets the users’ needs.

Mobile Horse

Product Thinking - Case studyMobile Horse

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  • Product Thinking
A horse riding passionate came to see us with the aim of creating a mobile application connecting equestrian centers with riders. Through our product thinking study, focused on the final users, we were able to reorient the functional scope of its mobile project.
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