Idéal des Gourmands

Idéal des Gourmands

The “Idéal Des Gourmands” is a very special project for AppStud. Indeed, it was about implementing an E-commerce mobile app and a website. So far, everything is alright. Besides, its founder, Jérôme Berriri, who launched his brand in parallel, had just purchased facilities to establish the “brick and mortar” version of the store. He hired teams of cooks and vendors, and worked with an architect on the plans of the future store. In short, it was a building site on which everything had to be created, starting from scratch and taking into account the parallel works of various factors involved in the project. This is exactly our favourite kind of challenges.


Jérôme Berriri, former senior in the mass market, launched a delicatessen shop in the Yvelines. Added to the high-quality products prepared in full view of customers, he wanted to dissociate its concept by digitizing the related services (touch crates, mobile app and website ordering and delivery, menus on tablets).


This one was very clear: Mr. Berriri wanted to stay ahead of the game and facilitate the customers’ lives via digital technology.

Our challenge was to integrate our software system into an ecosystem consisting of different stakeholders with different issues (cooks, deliverymen, administrator, accountant and of course, customers).

The time to market is critical ; the device must be available at the inauguration and a communication plan has to be designed during the construction of the store.


Apps and merchant sites have a definite advantage over other innovative activities: developing a much evolved prototype at the functional level is not necessary to validate its value proposition. A simple Instagram or Facebook account, fine images and a simple web landing page are quite enough. That is what we aimed at for a week; the time needed to recover a hard core of 500 key users.

In order to accelerate development while maintaining strong system reliability, we chose to use E-Commerce web engines (CMS). Three engines were tested: Prestahop, Magento and Shopify. Given our strong need for customization and the need to have an already available API, we opted for Prestashop.

Following the feedback of the key users’ panel, we designed an app including the following features: easy access to favourite categories, search products by keyword and the ability to order products in advance (click and collect).


Every business depends on its customers. So, we made the choice to focus on the front of the device which will enable us to access the market in a short time. The mobile app and the website were designed and developed to have 2 functional platforms in record time: 3 months.

Once the first metrics were obtained and the value proposition was validated, we were able to focus on the entire back office block to create the most fluid and optimal route for users.