When two entrepreneurs meet, great things can come to fruition in full swing. Such was the case of Antoine Roux and Pierre Rigal with whom we were blessed to meet. The former started printing posters since he was a student. Nowadays, his online printing company has a turnover exceeding 7 million euros. However, the latter founded a web shop and then went through the various technical director positions.

We developed, on their behalf, the Clicher mobile app recently invoked by Apple on the AppStore.


Antoine Roux wanted to develop an app for the public at large to enable users to print photos of their social networks or their photo library on innovative substrates (such as cups, t-shirts, boards, etc. …), via their smartphones.

Thanks to his already existing printing business, his technical touch was present in the printing machines and in the computer system. The stake therefore was to ensure the desired functionality, without affecting the current infrastructure, all in a reduced time to market.



It is well recognized that the simpler the interface and functionality are, the more complicated the technical design will be. The Clicher project is no exception to this rule. The complexity would consist in being able to select photos of ever-different sizes and formats and send them to the Clicher servers so that user navigation could continue to be fluid and seamless. Therefore, the best is won!


Clicher is among those great achievements in that not only did Apple bring it to the fore, but also the public warmly welcomed it. The average scores reflect this success:

Average rating on the AppStore: 4.5 stars
Average rating on the Play Store: 4.8 stars