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1.Which platform (s) is your app development targeting?
2. On which device (s) are you intending to develop your app?
3. In what format (s) do you want the app to be viewed?
4. Would you like to be accompanied for your app design?


5. Does your app need a registration system?
6. Does your app require a geo-tracking system?
7. Would you like to send photos or videos via your app ?
Would you like a special processing for photos ? i
Would you like a special processing for videos ? i
8. Will your app contain a chat system?
9. Will your app contain a payment system ?
10.Would you like to interface your app with connected devices ?
11. Does your app manage notifications?
12. Are you planning to manage lists in your app? (List of products, places, news ...)
How many? i
13. Are you considering adding a keyword search feature and / or category filters in your app to refine the data displayed to the user?
14. Should your app operate offline? i
15. Would you like to integrate an advertising / analytics SDK in your app?

Data management

16. Do you want to interface your app with a remote server (via an API) ? i
Does this interface API already exist?
What is the complexity of this interface API?(To figure it out which level of complexity to choose, we have shown some examples of mobile apps)
17. Would you like to have a back-office to manage your app? i
Complexity of your back-office to manage your app
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