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Ligue des Familles – Happy Sitting

2020 - Android / iOS

The Happy Sitting application allows any family to quickly find baby sitters referenced by the Ligue des Familles in Brussels.

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Pix My Car

2018 - Android / iOS

Thanks to an IA embedded algorithm, Pix My Car is an app that can detect the brand of any vehicle and its specifications. Easier for the car shop to add a new model to their references.

Caisse des dépôts – Podcasts

2018 - Android / iOS

Internal mobile app for the French Caisse des Dépôts to publish and listen to podcasts.


2018 - Android / iOS

The cmonjardinier application allows individuals to be put in touch with gardeners around them. They can request quotes and pay directly from the application.

Le Permis Libre

2018 - Android / iOS

Le Permis Libre is a mobile application that connects independent driving school instructors and driving license applicants.

Thales – Smart Park

2017 - Android

Smart Park is an app embedding a lot of technology like BLE, NFC, payment or IoT, to allow user to pay his parking directly through his app.

Canon – Document Scanning

2018 - Android / iOS

Canon’s mobile application allows you to scan medical documents and complete a set of fields using OCR.

Lallemand – REI Beef

2018 - Android / iOS

Thanks to the Rumen Efficiency Audit Program, nutritionists and producers get a global picture of the herd at a given point in time and practical recommendations to optimize rumen efficiency.

Nespresso Beacon

2016 - Android / iOS

The Nespresso Beacon application allows each employee of the company to have access to a catalog of news, depending on their location in the building, thanks to beacons and BLE technologies.

Solvay One

2016 - Android / iOS

Solvay One is the internal social network embedding E-learning features, news, and messengers.

Parex Lanko

2017 - Android / iOS

the Parex Lanko application helps the professional on site. It allows him to order the products he will need, and to have access to technical support.


The Incity application produced for the National Federation of Public Works (FNTP) allows the citizen to declare degradations on the public highway, and being updated when its fixed.

Homme Elegant

2015 - Android / iOS

The Homme Elegant app references the best tailors and other fashion designers in the world and let you book a meeting with them.


Before Meerkat and Periscope, there was Tizr. A little short tour of a unicorn that we made in 2015 that allowed any user to stream real time video to his community.


2016 - Android / iOS

Wedeo is a video editing mobile application. It allows anyone to record themselves, crop the background automatically, and embed this video in other popular videos.


2017 - Android / iOS

Clicher is the app for printing your photos on media with an original design and eco friendly objects.


2017 - iOS

Enrich your experience of Krug Champagnes with the dedicated application. By scanning the bottle, you will discover its whole history.

RG Player

2019 - Android / iOS

The official app for Roland Garros players, designed for and with players.


2018 - Android / iOS

My Sam links drivers and passengers. It allows drivers to regain control over their customer file and passengers to creaté a panel of trusted drivers.