Drive your Lean / Agile mobile project with UX considerations

Drive your Lean / Agile mobile project with UX considerations

Adopting a Lean Start-up approach in your mobile project consists mainly in drawing assumptions and constantly validating them. It is a mind-set of perpetual reconsideration that arises since the very first hours of your project and never comes to an end.
Keep in mind that marketing professor who said “As an entrepreneur, you need to estimate your market, identify the main threats and be fully aware of your destination”.
In the field of mobile telephony and more broadly the field of innovation, you know neither your market nor your competitors. You have no clue where you are going and no idea about the threats that may occur. It is a hazy situation.
The technological ecosystem evolution speed implies the need to reduce product development cycles and to advance by validating assumptions. We will explain to you the importance of guiding your strategy by recovering the User Experience (UX).
The UX is about improving user satisfaction by optimizing the usability, accessibility and delight resulting from the interaction between the User and the Product. Measuring and maximizing this metric will boost chances to accept your product.

What will this White Paper provide you with?

Do you already believe that you have a proper level of Mobile knowledge? Are you ready to go much further now ? Do you want to change the way you think about a mobile project with a methodology inspired by the techniques used by this sector’s pioneers : Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat …?
This White Paper will pull you through 5 major themes on how to be able to integrate the measure of the User Experience as it represents the first mobile app success factor in its production phase:

1 – The UX as a key success factor
2 – How to succeed your UX?
3 – How to integrate the UX into a Lean / Agile method?
4 – The UX metrics to measure
5 – How to move forward through the unknown?

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