3 myths that prevent you from getting started with a mobile app development

3 myths that prevent you from getting started with a mobile app development

Numerous companies still do not have a mobile strategy or offer only a responsive version of their website. Even if good intention is there, efforts are still insufficient to satisfy the web surfers since it is only a content re-adaptation. However, the user seeks a totally different mobile experience. Sometimes, decision-makers find it challenging to get into a mobile app development. Hence, we invite you to list the three myths that prevent you from taking action.

Myth n°1: Chatbots will substitute mobile apps

Although the media has been devoting more and more attention to chatbots over the recent months, the reality is quite different. Indeed, if mobile apps are still at the pimply adolescent stage, the bots are only in their infancy. They have not even learned to stand on their own. Stepping back from developing a mobile app for fear of future and hypothetical obsolescence is a mistake that be better avoided at the risk of losing market shares. Users still download apps. They are even spending more and more time on their favorite apps which you have to be part of.

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Myth n°2: Mobile apps development is restricted to CAC 40 companies

Mobile development is much simpler and more accessible than you think. It is not confined to large companies having over 500 employees. SMEs can as well create and promote their own app. This is actually an excellent growth driver with a ROI often better than traditional marketing methods. To stand out among the mobile apps crowd available in the app stores, we advise you to realize your mobile project with the assistance of a mobile development agency that will direct you towards the best mobile strategy.

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Myth n°3: Mobile development takes too long

Companies often overlook their mobile strategy for lack of time. Well … that is the pretext being presented. However, a mobile app can be launched within a few days, including m-commerce stores. That would not be a waste of time since it would increase the turnover, engage customers and help obtain new ones, especially that mobile purchases are constantly increasing! At this stage, I can already hear you say: “A responsive site is more than enough”. Nevertheless, did you know that a mobile app generates three times greater revenue than a simple responsive site? The average cart is also bigger, and so is the retention rate.

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