A new service: user acquisition

A new service: user acquisition

Ever since its beginnings, Appstud has supported mobile project holders in designing useful and effective mobile apps and assisted them throughout the continuous product improvement process.

However, having a powerful mobile app is not the only key to success.

We realized that many project holders did not have the internal skills to get their users.

Hence, in early 2017, Appstud launched a service for acquiring and retaining users in the context of a mobile app.

The Appstud offer is divided into 4 axes:

  • Auditing and upgrading your AppStore Optimization (ASO) by taking into consideration Apple and Google algorithms: keyword analysis, description improvement, presentation images and explanatory videos production.
  • Creating, managing and optimizing acquisition campaigns on social networks and other mobile advertising networks in order to quickly acquire competent users.
  • Integrating a tracking solution to follow the users’ inApp activity and identify blocking elements in the activation tunnel.
  • Preparing weekly reports incorporating improvement recommendations concerning the functionalities acquisition and optimization.

We asked our expert Thomas, who acts as the User Acquisition Manager at Appstud, 3 questions:


What was the motive behind the creation of this new activity?

« We realized that many of our customers could not develop their community and grow their app once it was online. »


What are your current customers’ interests?

« Most of our customers are start-ups with little or no experience in the mobile area. They do not necessarily have the time or the expertise to take care of their referencing and the acquisition of users once their app is published. »


What does this activity bring to Appstud?

« Acquiring complete expertise in the mobile world represents a major issue for a studio like Appstud. This incites us to think of developing an app that takes into account all the milestones that our customers’ projects go through to reach success. »

You have an idea in mind, Appstud helps you develop it!

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