The Best Song : It makes everybody agree (with music)

The Best Song : It makes everybody agree (with music)

What’s the best David Bowie song ? (If you don’t know David Bowie it’s ok, think about your favorite artist!)

That kind of questions might lead to quarrels and that is what happened to Adrien Moret and Shayane Grédoire. But, they turned this disagree (still about which song of David Bowie is the best) into a brilliant idea, by developing The Best Song, a user-friendly app which allows its users to vote for and rank their favorites songs.

“Most popular songs of an artist aren’t always the best ones” claims the french start-up. Indeed, on music websites like YouTube or Deezer, the opinion criteria from listeners isn’t taken into consideration, whereas it is a major one. Giving to its users the ability to vote for (through a “like”) musics, it brings a kind of social ranking (consider it as a Tripadvisor for music).

How does it work ?

When opening the app, and after the usual Facebook Connect or the less usual “Old School” Connect (we love the name!), it brings us on a intuitive and familiar interface : a random song is now playing with its cover, and buttons “like” and “don’t like” the song appear right below (think about Tinder interface). The user can choose the kind of music to play, or even play another song of the album playing. Around that, we find the music ranking, friends involvement, and our playlist (based on our “likes”).

What we like :

  • The no-ads splash screen which brings an immersive and dynamic experience
  • The Facebook Connect and the “Old School” Connect joke
  • The easy custom registration
  • Deezer and Spotify connexion
  • The deeply immersive tutorial
  • The playlist based on the “likes” we gave
  • The app design, well thought and uncluttered

What could be improved :

  • The compatibility for iPhone 6+
  • The performances on iPhone 4/4S
  • Don’t launch the app in a quiet place (if the audio is at the maximum) 😉

This app is still a beta version under improvement, but it is already an innovative one. We greet the initiative of adding the app on the store and improving it while it’s available.

We are looking forward an update, which hopefully will add optimised performances and features, as well as an Android version.

Enough talking, check it by yourself : http://thebestsong.co !

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