My Sam, the French app that will revolutionize the VTC market !

My Sam, the French app that will revolutionize the VTC market !

We spoke to Pierre Rosi, a 34-year-old entrepreneur who is constantly seeking to develop new insights. Today, he is telling us about My Sam, his new project. An app that has everything necessary to compete with Uber.

What is My Sam? 

My Sam is the first community Taxi and VTC professional assistant which aims at facilitating the life of drivers as well as that of clients. The app allows connecting drivers and customers via a geolocation system.

What purpose did you create My Sam for? What observation made you first think of bringing about this app? 

The idea emerged quite naturally thanks to my job. Founder of a VTC company and a driver, I constantly happen to meet both users and drivers. Over the years, I have been able to collect their views: I learnt about their discontents and the evolution prospects. Following extensive exchanges, I soon realized that there was a considerable need, especially as regards the drivers who believe that they are little considered by apps.

Who does your app target?

My Sam is aimed at a very wide audience including the public transport users, entrepreneurs and young people who go out in the evening. In short, we target all people having smartphones whether for business or private travel. Shortly, we will be targeting people who do not use smartphones through our telephone booking system.

What additional value would your app bring to its users?

 My Sam has a significant benefit for both clients and drivers. It is easy to use, efficient and impartial. Indeed, it is low-cost for the user while at the time remunerating his/her drivers. Users can choose their favorite drivers in such a way as to call them for a future journey. They can also book in advance (Taxi or VTC) regardless of their geographical location.

How is My Sam different from Uber?

On the one hand, My Sam enables drivers to maximize their turnover by taking a small commission which is the cheapest on the market. The objective is that this commission will permit to pay My Sam’s running and development costs and to invest part of this commission for the app promotion.

On the other hand, the break with the current market, and therefore with Uber, lies in the product geographical accessibility. Indeed, I noticed that some departments were not covered, which meant that users could not enjoy this service. Presently, thanks to My Sam, any VTC or Taxi owner can register and offer his/her services regardless of the geographical location. As such, drivers can work within their departments, create their own clientele and profit from all the benefits offered by the app.

Finally, the reservation system also allows setting us apart and offers users the opportunity to anticipate their travel up to a month in advance. Besides, during a reservation or an immediate departure, every user can choose one of his/ her favorite drivers to order trips in priority. Users also have the option to place some drivers’names on a black list (the so-called blacklisting).

What were the key milestones involved in your project?

First of all, I carried out a detailed market study, after which I decided to launch the project. Secondly, I had to find a competent mobile app design agency to create the app with all the functions I wanted. Finally and most importantly, I had to find different funding sources for my project.

What will be the next major stage?

The next major stage is to make My Sam known among the greatest possible number of people, which requires financing. We are therefore still in the process of raising funds, which is proving to be very promising!

What was your biggest disappointment in this project?

I am not sure whether we can speak of a great disappointment, but I think the most challenging issue was the conflicts that took place between Taxi drivers and VTC drivers. We created My Sam with the aim of alleviating tensions between Taxi drivers and VTC drivers by allowing them to be equal with regard to the digital technology and its users. My Sam will be in complete agreement with the new regulations for both Taxi and VTC.

And what is your greatest achievement?

My biggest success or pride is to create a 100% French startup and to be the ‘Réseau Entreprendre Tarn’ award winner thanks to my initiative. ‘Réseau entreprendre’ is a group of leaders who support high- potential project owners by allowing them to benefit from their professional experience and giving them an honor loan to launch their business.

What are your intentions to promote your app?

We decided to be highly visible on the social networks, and we are planning to organize a huge poster campaign in Toulouse and its outskirts as soon as My Sam is officially launched on iOS and Android in the spring. We will also be making surprises for My Sam users, which means the need for more funding! That is why My Sam is present on a local crowd-funding site and will soon be on a national platform.

Any other thing to conclude with?

My Sam has everything to compete with Uber, because it is a 100% French app that is close to its customers and that listens to its drivers. Surely, we are offering a better quality of service and thus drivers can build a list of loyal customers. The entire My Sam team thanks you for devoting time to this interview and the readers for taking time to read this article.

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