We Tested TravelGram

We Tested TravelGram

… and we loved it. So we wanted to dig just a little bit deeper and find out more.

The idea came up during a trip to Iceland between a group of four friends. They hit a brick wall with the “how to give regular feedback to family and friends without having to write emails, or post on blogs or Facebook” problem.

And that’s where they hatched the idea for TravelGram from: how to create a collaborative and yet simple tool to share photos, videos and geolocalized comments.

How did you validate the hypothesis of adhesion to your product?

To cut a long story short, the day before leaving we quickly set up a map page and a gallery with our three Instagram accounts. Our friends and family liked the idea, whether they were geeks or people that were not so socially active and into networking. It was then that we realized that we had an idea that could be shared to a wider audience.

It’s true to say that the majority of people that are on social networks want to be able to share masses of information in real time. When you are on holiday it’s exactly the same thing and you want to be able to share holiday pics instantly and to stamp them with “the present”. We also realized that on social networks more often than not what’s being posted is actually done by more than one person; it’s a collective experience: you tag your friends in photos and posts, for example. It was highly important that we should be able to “live” the experience together on TravelGram and that the platform be collaborative. It’s not just about sharing a trip anymore; it’s the whole group’s adventure.

Just another Instagram? 

The idea was not about reinventing the wheel. The number of Instagram users is growing and so there was no point in launching another platform for photo sharing. The idea was to really build on the notoriety of Instagram, use the API so that all the users could immediately set up their TravelGram account or do it afterwards.

While on holiday people have a tendency to reduce their surf-time on social networks. So, how do you get around the problem of adding “another network” to the list?

The most important thing for us was to get a simple and effective service running. When travelling, people sometimes don’t have access to a computer or they have internet access that has outages. They just don’t want to be dealing with those sorts of issues. With TravelGram in a blink of an eye your travel-log can be set up on line and there’s nothing else that needs doing! New photos are automatically added each time you post on Instagram.

As the brand baseline says “Adventures worth sharing”. So, there’s only one thing left to do right now and that’s create yours and share your best trip ever with friends with everybody else!

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