Mobile Trends

Mobile Trends

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Are mobile applications boosting the tourism industry? You know the answer but find out why in this comprehensive and detailed article
Do you know what Instant Apps are? One in four apps is never used. To counter this problem, Google has created Instant Apps.
Have you ever used the React Native framework? Developed by Facebook, React native allows you to build cross-platform mobile applications.
How to boost your start-up? Designing a mobile application remains the most effective way to spread quickly. We explain why here!
User experience is not just about making beautiful interfaces, it is also about the quality of the user’s experience during interactions
Do you all know about beacons? Beacons are revolutionising the consumer experience and the way retailers approach physical retail outlets.
What exactly does your mobile app do in one sentence? Users won’t open an app if it crashed the first time they opened it. Check out our tips
Poor evaluation of a project is one of the causes of its failure. Why is this? How can it be avoided? Find out in our article!
Do you know what the sharing economy is? It is the optimisation of the use of existing resources by rationalising costs. We explain everything in this article
How to bridge the gap between the real world & the virtual one through mobiles? Discover how Comptoir des Cotonniers did it!
Not having a mobile marketing strategy today is like not having a website strategy a decade ago
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